In a box on the lawn, on an autumn day

by Sir Real

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Craigus Barry Esq It's so understated, calm and tranquil, but this takes away none of the resonant impact here, it's absolutely gorgeous! Haunting, with an identity all of it's own if pushed for comparison I would rate it up there with the likes of Thomas Newman, Michael Andrews, Eno, and even Raymond Scott's more ambient outings. But these are however mere waypoint markers, one suspects this music comes from someplace as elusive to the enigmatic title itself. A lovely and accomplished opus Favorite track: Sometimes it happens.


Some time around September 2012, I came up with the bright idea that I wanted to shake up my creative tendencies a little, and do something completely outside my 'normal' style (whatever that is).

As a starting point I had a piece entitled 'In a box on the lawn, on an autumn day', which I had written back at the start of 2011. It was a melancholic solo piano piece, which I had composed to try and express musically some childhood feelings and experiences.

I also had 'Sometimes it happens' which I had written in May 2012, and it struck me that there was a link there that could be developed across a whole album, so in September 2012 that was what I resolved to do.

I had often thought about doing an album previously, but had never got around to it, nor had I ever really just wanted to throw together some of my other electronic productions, so this seemed like the ideal opportunity to 'explore' this idea.

I decided to set myself some targets, and some ground rules, to prevent the project taking forever, or tailing off into the realms of 'I must finish that some time'.

The album was to be composed entirely of simple contemplative and atmospheric piano pieces, which would draw inspiration musically from some of my greatest musical heroes - Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Thomas Newman and others.

I decided on a release date that was 3 months away, and vowed to stick to it as near as I possibly could. This gave me a reasonable amount of time to get the tracks written, but not so much that I would get bored or end up fiddling with things unnecessarily (as it turns out, I have managed to stick to it *to the day* - just about).

I promised myself that I would try and keep the tracks as simple as possible, and that I would never take more than a day to complete any of them. This was the hardest thing of all to stick to, as by nature I make things complicated, and spend days / weeks / months fiddling with them until they are 'perfect' (whatever that means).


In the end, what I have come up with is 10 pieces of music that I am very happy with as a collection of work. Some of them are brutally simple in terms of harmony / melody / rhythm, but this allows the sounds room to 'breathe', and I hope you appreciate and enjoy their simplicity as much as I have appreciated and enjoyed it whilst creating them.


(The pretentious bit)

This is music to relax to...meditate, if that is your thing...or just to use as a tool to allow your mind to unravel. It's not intended as 'background music' (although I am sure it will work just fine on that level), and it will definitely be better appreciated with no distractions. Allow yourself the luxury of having some time to yourself to go wherever it might take you. It's not always 'happy', but then neither is life. Allow whatever feelings and emotions it might bring to the surface to develop freely and fully, and revel in them. That is, after all, what music is about...


released January 10, 2013



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Sir Real Herefordshire, UK

Neil Spragg (aka Sir Real) has been a passionate musician for more than 25 years, as a drummer (for 7shades, Omnia Opera, Sand, Mocca and Windscale amongst many others), and DJ at notorious Brummy clubs House of God, Third Eye, Contact and Spunky Town. As Sir Real he is a prolific producer, releasing several well-received EPs on his own labels [k]racktroni[k], Snafu Recordings and Round Records. ... more

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Track Name: Sometimes it happens
And sometimes it happens that you are friends and then
You are not friends,
And friendship has passed.
And whole days are lost and among them
A fountain empties itself.

And sometimes it happens that you are loved and then
You are not loved,
And love is past.
And whole days are lost and among them
A fountain empties itself into the grass.

And sometimes you want to speak to her and then
You do not want to speak,
Then the opportunity has passed.
Your dreams flare up, they suddenly vanish.

And also it happens that there is nowhere to go and then
There is somewhere to go,
Then you have bypassed.
And the years flare up and are gone,
Quicker than a minute.

So you have nothing.
You wonder if these things matter and then
As soon you begin to wonder if these things matter
They cease to matter,
And caring is past.
And a fountain empties itself into the grass.